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Neuron is a team of strategists, engineers and operations experts, from around the world. We have deep experience in, and commendation for, the development and delivery of unique project deployments. People hire us when others say the job is “impossible”.


Partners in Precision Resources

Neuron Services brings together the highest performance operations, engineering, technical and strategic teams in the world – so you can expect the highest quality results on every project.

Tactical Precision at Every Step
The Neuron Services process leverages our experience, expertise and ongoing commitment to precision to ensure that goals are set and project expectations are always met. At Neuron, it’s not enough to deliver the highest quality services. We also strive to establish and meet customer expectations, ensure transparency along the way and make it all happen on time, on spec and on, or under, budget. We make it possible through our unique development and deployment process.

Services And Capabilities
Neuron offers leading project capabilities and project support services to bridge the gap between project plans and precise product, program and operations execution. As leaders in our market, we know expertise can only take you so far. To ensure project success for our clients, we invest in the leading systems capabilities and ongoing project support services needed to deliver on customer needs. From precise manufacturing capabilities to repair and project management, we have the resources to take every project from concept to reality, with confidence.

Commitment To Precise Execution
Our products, services and programs aren’t successful unless they meet, or exceed, industry standards, and more importantly, meet customer needs. That’s why our commitment to quality is built around addressing the specified, and often unique, requirements of each project. It’s our singular focus throughout every aspect of the manufacturing process—so clients can expect the highest level of quality and precision. We deploy top end quality assurance, empowered team-members, ISO Certification engineering and constant review feedback loops.

Neuron Services has a comprehensive 5-point inspection system with state-of-the-art inspection, measuring and test equipment that is calibrated and audited to standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) organization.

Quality Statement: The policy of Neuron  is to provide our customers with product that meet, or exceed, their requirements and those recognized standards and to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. We accomplish this by adhering to our procedures and establishing objectives that recognize customer satisfaction as the primary goal.


Project Initiation

This is where we begin our collaboration with the client to assess project needs on a high level. We’ll establish project type, the general capabilities needed, review existing drawings and often have our engineers work directly with the client to add valuable manufacturing insights to the front-end design and strategy.

Design Review

There’s no such thing as a “solo” project at Neuron. Here, we meet with the client and the project leads, usually including a manufacturing engineer, program director and senior team leaders. It’s how customers get a sense of who is working on the project, and how Neuron can begin to develop a plan moving forward.

Establishing Milestones

You can’t meet your goals if you don’t set them. Here, Neuron establishes detailed expectations with clients and creates an in-depth internal plan to help meet them. By taking an extremely detailed approach to the planning phase, many of our overall project plans result in 50 to 100 steps, sometimes more. Not only does this provide a meticulously planned road map to lining out all the resources needed to finish a project, but it also creates a system to track project status with precision along the way.

Deployment & Execution

When it comes to successful deployment, preparation is key. So we always start this phase by sending approved and finalized drawings to one of our programmers who will prep the schematics for actual operations processes. Next, we send the plans to one of our in-house facilities bringing the customer’s vision to life through precision execution.

Ongoing Communication

We know there’s a lot at stake on every project, and our customers want to know what’s happening at each phase. That’s why we’re committed to maintaining transparency with our clients throughout the entire manufacturing process. In addition to routine status updates and collaborative web repositories, our customers often receive phone calls, emails and even photos showing progress on their specific projects.

Inspection and Delivery

At Neuron, we help ensure your project meets expectations for quality and performance through a five-point inspection system carried out by our dedicated team of quality assurance experts. Once the product, service or program is inspected and approved, Neuron offers pick-up and delivery services to get you what you need in the specific manner your job requires.

Project Management

Neuron’s project management services help ensure efficiency, optimized procedures and a level of involvement you won’t find anywhere else. We see every step of an Neuron project as an opportunity to produce the best effort possible. So we count on our trained project management staff to ensure customers get the most value from our proven expertise at each phase in the process. Our consultative approach allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs and make recommendations that not only help meet them—but do so to ensure the highest level of optimization throughout the project.

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